Moving out of the grind and into the gift: a series of simplest steps from high-cost bondage with convention, to no-budget freedom of time, creativity and energy.

Intro: What is ‘millionaire’ – what do we really want ‘millions’ of? Seeing more profoundly; what’s behind what we’re seeking to purchase?

1 What does the world most love from you? And how can you share it most widely, most effortlessly? Understanding our individual and our collective deepest purpose.

2 What does the world need less of from you? Limiting your impact and making this a sacred practise of gratitude.

3 Getting out of the fear > tension > pain cycle, and into trust > relaxed-alertness > synchrony dynamic: following the signs that present themselves around us, and finding cosmic creative Flow. Keeping it light and serious – responsibility and power, drenched in pleasure and bliss.

4 Practicalities: learning how to find, source and fix things – a wealth of abundance is literally all around us. Where do things come from, and where do they go to? What we can mend, and why it’s a good idea to avoid things that we can’t fix! Food-growing, even if you don’t have access to land.

5 Pushing the edges of our comfort: how far are you willing to go to live cleanly and less impact-fully? What riches are you reclaiming in daring to be gently challenged by each moment?! Up-levelling our alternative path, as it develops organically. Saying YES! to Life.

This course will be released very soon!

PS This Teachable channel also houses The SORA - an online art school specialising in awakening our immense, unique creative freedom. It’s focussed on sentience, synchrony, removing blocks, finding our core inner confidence, and releasing the energy that modern life stifles in us.